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Photography is a profession in itself and remains an exciting but difficult part of my work. I am therefore very happy with the artistic and professional input of photographer Erno Wientjens. Almost all photos on the site were shot by Erno during photo sessions in a temporary studio built on location.

Erno Wientjes Visual Artist

Maud Quaedvlieg

In 2019 I got to know painter Maud Quaedvlieg as a very good professional and a particularly inspiring colleague. Because we have a high degree of recognition in each other's work and thinking, we occasionally work together. This resulted in successful cooperation during the National Atelier weekend in November 2019.

Bullseye glass

Glass artist Steef Hendriks, is an importer and official representative of Bullseye glass in the Netherlands. Thanks to his enormous technical knowledge, great collegiality and efforts to provide a platform for national and international glass art, his name is a household name in the glass art world. splinter

Bert van Halteren

This website is built by Bert van Halteren. Bert has had a website company for years and specializes in guiding entrepreneurs who want to have a website made for their business activities. With his years of internet experience, he has proven to be a valuable discussion partner in the production of my website.